Hi there! We are Dany and Mara, and we believe that true beauty is universal. We have been in the modeling and entertainment world for 10+ years, and we are happy to be ambassadors of the revolution of beauty stereotypes. Our own journey to self acceptance has not been easy, so we have created this newsletter to make the journey easier for others. It has grown to be an international community, where we meet (virtually and in person). 

BIR Community

“When you feel sad and out of place, wipe away the tears, wear a lipstick that you love, and go out to conquer your life.”

— Lucrezia @lafrivola
“Healing is a process that combines determination to win the battle, the support of your loved ones, mental and physical disposition to carry out all medical indications and... faith.”

— Paty @patypicotparis
“My consciousness of my body and being attentive to all my resources of energy was very important in the process. I started to spend more time for myself, and heal myself through singing and moving. I loved doing short improvisations of dance, music for me is really a therapy.”

— Patricia Brouilly


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